About Us
About Us

Our History

Alagan was started with a vision to make men's gifting more quirky and fun. We have often found gift items for men to be difficult to find or very monotonous to buy. We want to revolutionize the men's world with our innovative thought process towards their needs. We believe that the trends in the men's world is changing drastically, men have become more open to grooming and styling than they were before. Fashion accessories are no more a thing just for women, men's accessories are becoming of importance too. Keeping all this in mind, we have meticulously designed our products to suit the needs of a modern man. All products in our shop are unique in their own way and are useful and practical.


We are a family run business,  where the master mind behind the concept are Mr. Ritish Singhal and His wife Ar. Purvi Singhal. They are the founders and also the chief product designers. The manufacturing of the products however, happens in different parts of India like, Kolkata, Kanpur, Tirupur, Noida to name a few. All the raw materials are carefully selected and sent to various manufacturing units for production, generating employments in various sectors  and all products are 100% made in India.

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